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The Risks of Sports Betting

February 19, 2024

Sports betting can be enjoyable and a fun source of entertainment for some people, but for others, it can become problematic and may severely impact a person’s finances, relationships, and career.  Here are factors that can put individuals at risk for problem sports betting:

  1. Smartphones/Ease of Use: With the numerous sportsbooks available throughout the US and the ability to use your smartphone to place bets, it can take seconds for someone to deposit money and place a wager.  It’s nearly impossible to avoid smartphones and sports.
  2. Athletic Experience: Many sports bettors have a strong interest in sports or may have some athletic experience themselves.  This can often lead to the individual’s competitive mindset coming out.  This can lead to chasing losses and getting further into debt.
  3. Mental Health/Past Addictive Tendencies: Individuals struggling with their mental health and/or have previous addictive tendencies can put individuals more at risk for problem sports betting.  Gambling can become a way for the individual to escape the issues that they may be struggling with.

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