Benefits of Online Video Therapy

Basics of Teletherapy:

  • Reduce cancellations and no-shows
  • Convenient to schedule around work and personal life
  • No travel time or travel costs
  • No chance of “seeing” someone you know in the parking lot or building (confidentiality)

More specific about the virtual session:

  • Research shows it can be equally effective to in-person sessions for most people
  • Having therapy in your own environment can make it easier to open up and share (comfortable environment)
  • After the first few sessions, you forget you are even virtual
  • We use software that is extremely easy to use while also being HIPAA-compliant
  • No one stares at your shoes 🙂

Research show that:

  1. For many that never sought therapy before, online therapy can be a port of entry into mental health care.
  2. Research supports mental health care delivered remotely is effective.
  3. Teletherapy is as effective as face-to-face and retention rates are higher. 
  4. Mohr and colleagues found therapeutic alliance did not suffer.
  5. “Individuals have an appetite for receiving care remotely,  and that’s likely to fundamentally change our care environment.” Dr. Haim

What is Online Video Therapy?

Online Video Therapy – also referred to as teletherapy – is the delivery of mental health services by a licensed healthcare professional that are not provided in-person. Services are provided via a HIPPA compliant live video service.

Teletherapy allows clients to participate in therapy on their time from the comfort of their home or office. It eliminates travel time and allows for more schedule flexibility.

Teletherapy is not phone calls, recorded or delevered on a delay, or in-person counseling sessions.

Outside the Inbox: Tech-based Tools for Healing

From Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling: Guest Jody Bechtold, CEO of The Better Institute and author of The Gambling Disorder Treatment Handbook, will be joining us to talk about tech-based tools for learning and engagement, recovery, and counseling.

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