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Our Mission

Helping individuals, couples, partners, and families better themselves through innovative approaches, professional expertise, research-informed strategies, and cutting-edge education and training.

100% Virtual Coaching Courses

We proudly offer two virtual coaching courses: Better Path and Back in the Game. These courses can be completed from the comfort of your home and whenever is convenient with your schedule! For more information on our coach offerings, see below or see all coaching information here.

Better Path is a virtual coaching program for professionals looking to develop a Career Action Plan that fully captures strengths, values, and expertise for lifelong career pursuits, goals, and decision making.

It’s more than One-on-One coaching with a professional coach.

Better Path includes:

  • Online course content
  • Evidence-based assessments
  • Exercises
  • Live individual and group video sessions

Traditional career coaching can take months before you have a complete Action Plan. Better Path can be completed in as little as 2 weeks or 2 months. Take as little or long as you need, depending on your current scheduling demands. Individual and Group sessions are offered throughout the week, from early in the morning, lunchtime or evening.

If not now…When? Get started today!

“Back in the Game” is designed to support athletes in the following areas: sports performance, recovery from injury, and addiction/mental health.  We accomplish this by providing individual and group coaching sessions that focus on education, prevention, and skill development. “Back in the Game” was developed by Rob Bumbaco, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and former division 1 athlete.  During his time playing competitive hockey Rob noticed a lack of services available to athletes to address these specific needs.  He is now able to speak to athletes and help them develop the tools necessary to achieve optimal performance while reducing the risk of developing mental health or addiction issues.

Back in the Game includes:

  • Online course content
  • Live video sessions
  • Peer support
  • Monthly talks from former NHL great Kevin Stevens

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Provide counseling services to individuals, groups, families, or couples either in-person or virtually.


Workshops, continuing education, and conference presentations are all available by the professionals at The Better Institute.

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