Currently, The Better Institute ® offers all appointments via video.  Our software, Simple Practice, makes video sessions (telehealth) extremely easy to use. All you need is your computer, tablet, or smartphone and we guarantee a HIPAA-compliant experience.

Please call or email us. All insurance companies and EAPs that we accept are currently covering Telehealth services.

Call: 412-438-8510

Maybe you’ve tried before on your own, need an accountability partner, or want expert guidance. We are the team that coaches you towards a better you.

“I’ve plateaued.”

“If not now, when? I'm ready to do this.”

“I want to be more for my team.”

“I want to play to my strengths but I don't know what they are.”

“My workplace is so political, I’m not sure which way to go.”

“My industry is really competitive and I need to stay one step ahead.”

“I’m juggling way too many things.”

“I feel like I should be able to just make myself do it, but I can’t.”

“I’m as good as the people getting promoted. What am I missing?”


The Better Institute is dedicated to guiding you towards your goals, step by step. We provide the space and structure to help you find your path and get where you want to go.

Jody Bechtold

Jody Bechtold


Jody brings over 30 years of experience to The Better Institute. She is a professional coach, Gambling Addiction Expert, International Speaker and Trainer, and MBTI Certified Facilitator.

Robert Bumbaco

Robert Bumbaco


Rob brings over 20 years of experience to The Better Institute. He is a former Division 1 hockey athlete, at-risk behavioral coach, and clinical social worker.

April Condemi

April Condemi

LPC, Director of Trauma Informed Care

April brings over 10 years of experience to The Better Institute. She is the Director of Trauma Informed Care and is a professional resource for First Responders.

Robin Witt

Robin Witt

LPC, Director of Relationship Dynamics

Robin brings over 15 years of experience to The Better Institute. She is an expert on family relationships and dynamics.

Evan Dean

Evan Dean

LCSW, Director of Recovery Support

Evan brings over 5 years of clinical experience to the Better Institute as an expert in recovery from use, abuse and addiction. In addition, he is a professional musician that loves to work with creative people using the arts in the therapy process.