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Better Path is a virtual coaching program for professionals looking to develop a career action plan that fully captures their strengths, values, and expertise. Quality of life only comes with a happy work life in place and this program is designed to assist you in developing and achieving your long-term career goals.

It’s more than one-on-one coaching with a professional coach.

Better Path includes:
– Online course content
– Evidence-based assessments
– Exercises
– Live individual and group video sessions

Traditional career coaching can take months before you have a complete action plan. Better Path can be completed in as little as two weeks. Take as little or long as you need; most people working full-time take about eight weeks. Individual and group sessions are offered throughout the week at various times throughout the day and evening.

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Back in the Game is a sports performance program designed to help athletes develop the mental skills necessary to take their game to the next level. We’ve identified six core mental skills that are critical to developing a mental edge and amplifying talent. We provide coaching sessions to teams and private lessons to individual athletes based on these core skills. Back in the Game harnesses game-changing expertise to help athletes out-perform the competition and build on success.

  • Advance sports performance via proven strategies that build confidence, increase motivation, improve focus and manage performance anxiety
  • Level out the ups and downs of competition and learn how to effectively cope with success and failure
  • Access resources and personalized feedback through assessments and exercises that target six core areas of mental skill development
  • Work with teammates to improve team chemistry, leadership skills, and goal-directed behavior

Back in the Game was developed by Rob Bumbaco, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and former Division 1 athlete. During his time playing competitive hockey, Rob noticed gaps in the support and services available to his fellow athletes. Combining his mental health training and experience on the ice, Rob has created a suite of tools to achieve optimal athletic performance.

Better Moms Unite - Are you wondering if you will ever feel like yourself again? Join us!

Better Moms Unite is a therapist led group to support, encourage, and celebrate Moms of newborns and infants. Members will be encouraged to share joys with one another, but, also open up about the harder topics that you may be faced with. There will be no judgement, only support and understanding.

Topics covered will include, but, are not limited to:

  • Celebrating the joys of Motherhood
  • The Importance of self-care
  • Achieving and maintaining balance
  • Achieving (physical and emotional) intimacy after childbirth
  • Building your tribe
  • Determining if the “baby blues” and worries are affecting you too deeply.

We are currently running an introductory membership rate of $49/month. Your monthly membership gives you access to one group per week, which meets on Wednesdays at 1pm at our Warrendale location. Babies are welcome to join us, but, we do ask that mobile (and older children) have alternative care. You may also join us virtually (via Google Hangout Meets). In addition to the group, your membership fee also gives you access to a private Facebook page for continued conversation and support outside of the group setting.


Jody Bechtold, LCSW, ICGC-II, BACC, PC

Expert in at-risk and addictive behaviors of Gaming and Gambling including video gaming, sports betting, casino slots gambling.

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Robert Bumbaco, LCSW

Expert in Men’s life situations and circumstances including stress, relationships, life changes, sexual health and intimacy, fatherhood, sports, gambling and at-risk addictive behaviors.

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Robin Witt, LPC
Director of Relationship Dynamics

Expert on the impacts of addictive disorders on the family, partner/spouse, and/or children.

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April Condemi, LPC
Director of Trauma Informed Care

Expert in trauma-related life situations including PTSD, grief, sexual assault, violence and First Responders.

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