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Back in the Game is a program of The Better Institute®

What is Back in the Game®?

Back in the Game® is a sports performance program designed to help athletes develop the mental skills necessary to take their game to the next level. We’ve identified six core mental skills that are critical to developing a mental edge and amplifying talent. We provide coaching sessions to teams and private lessons to individual athletes based on these core skills. Back in the Game harnesses game-changing expertise to help athletes out-perform the competition and build on success.

Back in the Game: A Sports and Mindset Podcast is designed to help athletes develop the mental skills necessary to perform at their best.

Program Results


Athletes in Back in the Game® Report

  • 20% increase in mental skills knowledge and application

  • 47% decrease in major depressive symptoms

  • 18% decrease in performance anxiety symptoms


Coaches Report

  • Improved team cohesion

  • Athletes were better able to handle the ups and downs of a long season

  • Athletes learned how to focus on what’s important during the game

  • Athletes were better able to move on from mistakes

"The most influential parts of this program helped my mental game by showing me different ways to set goals and keep track of them. As well as stay level headed when going through different trials and tribulations."

"Made me more aware of the mental aspects of the game."

"It’s helped a lot… never would’ve thought how much the mental aspect would impact my game and even mindset off the court."

"It has made me more confident in my abilities and allowed me not to dwell so much on my mistakes but use them as building blocks to succeed."

"It has made me mentally stronger. Also it has taught me many ways to relax my mind so I can flourish."

"I think that this program has really challenged the mental aspect of my game by making me a student of the game."


  • Advance sports performance via proven strategies that build confidence, increase motivation, improve focus and manage performance anxiety

  • Level out the ups and downs of competition and learn how to effectively cope with success and failure

  • Access resources and personalized feedback through assessments and exercises that target six core areas of mental skill development

  • Work with teammates to improve team chemistry, leadership skills, and goal-directed behavior.

Get Started with Back in the Game®


Back in the Game® offers individual athletes and teams help in developing the mental skills necessary to take their game to the next level.

Individual Online Course - $399

Includes personalized assignment feedback, 8 module course, mental skills development and mental health/at-risk behavior education, virtual group monthly, 3 face to face virtual meetings

6 Individual Coaching Sessions- $599

Includes 6 individual sessions, a mental performance assessment, and an individualized mental workout

Team Coaching - $2,000

Personalized team online course, 3 coaching sessions for coaches and or players- minimum 20 players

*Additional team and individual sessions upon request

Advanced Team Coaching - $4,500

8-month program includes personalized team online course, monthly team meetings-minimum 20 players

*Additional team and individual sessions upon request

Contact Back in the Game® to Get Started


(412) 343-0613

The Back in the Game® Team

Rob Bumbaco, LCSW, CMC

Back in the Game® was developed by Rob Bumbaco, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Mental Coach, and former Division 1 athlete. During his time playing competitive hockey, Rob noticed gaps in the support and services available to his fellow athletes. Combining his mental health training and experience on the ice, Rob has created a suite of tools to achieve optimal athletic performance.