We’ve built a team of experts with diverse backgrounds who all share a singular goal: help clients get better.

The Better Institute was founded to deliver truly progressive therapies that improve our clients’ quality of life. We combine data-backed strategies with an empathetic approach to design an innovative, practical, customized program that sets you up for success. We stay with you along the way, helping you recover from stumbles, celebrate wins, and ultimately succeed at your goals.

Our areas of concentration are: career coaching, mental health and wellness, recovery from at-risk behaviors, performance psychology for athletes, confidence-building, and skills development for couples and families.


“I have the freedom to set my own goals, and sharing them with Jody has motivated me to achieve more than I ever thought possible in such a short time.”

– Melissa

“Rob helped me deal with emotional issues all the while making me feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. (He) creates an environment for emotional healing.”

– Chris

“I’m very good at having big ideas but Robin is able to help me break them down into manageable steps to reach my goals!”

– Sarah