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Managing Holiday Gaming

December 18, 2023

The holidays are a big time for gaming. From kids being home with more free time, and the newest game releases that everyone wants, it’s important that parents be prepared to help manage their child’s gaming over the holidays.

Here are 3 tips on how to encourage healthy gaming over the holidays:

  1. Communication and Balance Are Key: Talk with your child about their gaming (what they are playing, what their favorite games are, etc.) and have an open conversation about how to balance their gaming with the other events/responsibilities of the holiday season.

  2. Gaming Can Be A Way to Connect: There are countless multiplayer games that can be used as a family bonding activity. Talk with your child about what their favorite multiplayer game is (or have them find one that they think the family will enjoy). Treat it just like a family board game night!

  3. Spending Limits: A majority of games today include microtransactions (in-game purchases). Avoid surprise spending by discussing a spending limit/allowance with your child or requiring your permission before any purchases are made.