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April Condemi MS, LPC | Director of Trauma Informed Care



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April Condemi MS, LPC, Director of Trauma Informed Care

April Condemi brings over 10 years of experience to The Better Institute as an expert in trauma and her work with supporting first responders.  She is a licensed professional counselor and has been a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional for over three years.  She approaches counseling with an integrative approach using a variety of therapeutic techniques.  By focusing on the needs of the individual, April will find the most effective approach and tools to use unique to the client. She strives for her clients to feel comfortable and respected in every session while diving into difficult topics.  

April is devoted to working with and supporting first responders.  She focuses on the stress of the job, along with other life stress that accompanies this.  Exploring the multiple aspects of the responders’ life, April strives to become part of the responders’ team to be a valuable resource in times of need.  She continues to expand her knowledge and experience with responders by increasing her knowledge of topics a responder may face, continuing her education, and getting real-life exposure to these communities.  Similar to her work in individual counseling, she understands the uniqueness of the responders’ communities both professionally and personally.