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Better Communication

February 20, 2023

Strong communication is an important aspect of all relationships and is a critical part of any healthy partnership. All relationships have their own ups and downs but a healthy communication style can aid in dealing with conflict. Here are three tips to improve communication in relationships:

  1. Ask Open-Ended Questions: Using open-ended questions in conversations gives the other person the opportunity to share more if they choose to. Not everyone opens up very easily but providing someone with the opportunity to share is never a bad idea.

  2. Recognize Non-Verbal Cues: Often people’s words do not match their body language or tone. It’s important to be aware of non-verbal cues such as facial expression, body language, tone of voice. Try to recognize if your body language reflects what you are saying and vice versa with others in your life.

  3. Don’t Be A Mind Reader:  We all like to think we know what our partners or friends are thinking, but as much as we would like to be mind readers, we aren’t and we shouldn’t be. The best way to know what someone is thinking is to ask them.