We provide both in-office and video counseling sessions (teletherapy). Our staff utilizes the following therapeutic approaches: cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, solution focused brief therapy. We have therapists that specialize in the following areas: addiction, anxiety disorders, depression, anger management, bipolar d/o, relationship issues, and others.


Couples counseling is a good way for you and your partner to identify areas of concern and begin working toward a healthier, happier, and stronger relationship. Whether you need support in developing healthier ways to communicate, developing more effective parenting skills, or learning how to make your relationship a priority. We are here to guide you through this process.


When one individual in the family is struggling it can have an a ripple effect throughout the family. Family dynamics and family roles can be disrupted. Whether it’s learning to set boundaries, redefining roles, or learning to communicate more effectively, The Better Institute will help you explore these issues.


Teletherapy is a form of therapy that utilizes alternative methods of counseling in place of standard office visits (i.e. video sessions, telephone sessions). Benefits of teletherapy include reduced travel time, easy accessibility, and convenience.


Guys Getting “Better”

The group offers support for men of all ages that may be having difficulty in a specific area of life including: relationships, work stress, fatherhood, career goals, life transitions.

Last monday of the month 6-7:30pm
Insurance or Self-Pay ($35)
Contact Rob @ (412) 438-8510 or to join

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