Client Testimony from Bethany Scott

The BetterPath allowed me to realize what is the best path for me to move forward in my life both personally and professionally.

Intrinsically, I think that most of us know what we are best suited for in life, but we often talk ourselves out of what we truly want because of multiple factors such as low self-esteem or financial stress. If we do not begin to act now to better our lives, when will we?

Prior to the Better Path, I had fallen prone to these negative thoughts as well, and felt that I was stuck in a rut, although I knew that there were different opportunities that I would like to pursue. After completing the Better Path, I now feel confident in myself and abilities. I now have a clear action plan to complete my personal and professional goals within the next few years.

The Better Path allows one to first to get to know their self and their strengths/weaknesses through assessments such as the Myers – Briggs Personality Test, Clifton Strengths Finder and Via Pro Character Strengths Profiles.

By analyzing these results, I began to think about certain career paths that I may be better suited for; as well as a more holistic view of my personality.

After the assessments, I, along with clear-guided direction from Career Coach Jody Bechtold, put together a detailed, action to allow and guide me to accomplish my professional and personal goals. Jody is encouraging, extremely detailed, congenial, and experienced.

The BetterPath allowed me to realize who I truly am as a person, my personality, strengths/weaknesses and provided me with a clear action plan to move forward to realize and accomplish both my personal and professional goals. I realized throughout the course that we are truly all unique individuals. We must truly follow our gut and play into our strengths to realize our full potential.

I highly recommend taking The BetterPath Course! It will give you the confidence and tools that you need to create a detailed, action plan to best realize your goals and become a better version of yourself.

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