“I came to Rob to help sort through my feelings after an affair that had compromised my marriage. He helped elicit my feelings, and deal with emotional issues while all the while making me feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. Rob has a unique calm demeanor that when combined with his depth of therapeutic experience creates a environment ripe for emotional healing. Although my visits are less frequent… I will continue my occasional emotional tune-ups with Rob.”


“I have the freedom to set my own goals, and sharing them with Jody gives me a sense of relaxed accountability that has motivated me to achieve more than I ever thought possible in such a short time. With Jody’s guidance I am beginning to focus more in all areas of my life and break down the personal barriers that have been standing in my way.”

Melissa B.

“Robin is an excellent counselor! She is extremely knowledgeable and eager when giving the appropriate advice to her clients. She is also extremely patient and mindful of offering suggestions to her clients that she feels may be beneficial for their progress. If not, she is willing to brainstorm alternatives. Overall, Robin is very warm and friendly, and I’m glad we were able to match with one another!”


“Coaching has been a truly fulfilling experience. Jody motivates and supports me to make real changes in my thoughts and actions. More importantly, she holds me accountable to actually make those changes. Her warmth and empathy allows me to feel completely comfortable in the coaching relationship.”

Jarie C.

“Robin always has advice and input that really helps me. She suggests different ways of honing in on a problem to come up with solutions and is a great resource. I’m very good at having big ideas but she is able to help me break them down into manageable steps to reach goals!”


“We can’t thank Rob enough for all the help he has given our family. He is very compassionate and will fight for what he believes is best for his client. We hope you will have the same success with Rob as we had.”